History Lovers — Visit These Sites on Your Next Trip to Brooklyn

Brooklyn has been known for its different cultural identities. One of the most defining features of the borough is its rich history. One cannot fully understand Brooklyn without exploring its famous historical sites.

From its roots as a Dutch settlement to today’s diverse community, there are plenty of sites worth visiting. We’ve compiled a list of the best historical sites in Brooklyn—from old houses to monuments—and what they offer to any history buff seeking something new and exciting!

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Brooklyn Historical Society

The Brooklyn Historical Society gives visitors an in-depth look into the past. With rotating exhibits, you can always learn something new about this borough. Even better, it’s free to visit!

This museum displays Brooklyn’s 400-year-old history through educational materials and exciting exhibitions. It has a lot of interesting artifacts that tell the story. The building itself is a beauty to behold, featuring a terra cotta design inspired by Romanesque architecture.

Soldiers’ And Sailors’ Arch Monument

The Soldiers’ And Sailors’ Arch Monument is a large monument in Grand Army Plaza. It was built to honor the soldiers who fought for America’s freedom during the Civil War.

Located at the heart of Prospect Park, the monument imitates the design of Paris’ famous Arc de Triomphe monument. The archway is decorated with bronze reliefs, which depict the events that took place during the Civil War. There is a top observation deck that is occasionally opened for visitors.

St. Ann and the Holy Trinity Church

There are many churches in Brooklyn, and the St. Ann and the Holy Trinity Church is a special one because of being a national historic landmark. Featuring a Gothic-Revival architecture style, the church catches attention with beautiful interior designs and decoration with stained-glass windows.

Today, this church continues to be an important gathering place for the community. It has since become a popular tourist destination, with visitors coming from all over to admire its architecture and history.

Brooklyn Heights Neighborhood

The Heights is one of the most historic neighborhoods in Brooklyn. When walking on the roads of this upscale residential community, you will see charming brownstones and lovely homes lining the streets. The buildings here were built before the Civil War, so be ready to behold homes featuring Victorian Federal, Classic Revival, and a few other styles. 

Located nearby is the 1,826-foot promenade that offers spectacular views of lower Manhattan. The pedestrian walkway gives a glimpse of NYC’s true essence.

Brooklyn Central Library

If you are a bookworm historian, you should pay a visit to the 16th largest public library in the United States. Visitors get access to over one million books, magazines, and scriptures. It will take several visits to check out even a small portion of that huge collection.

Built in 1866, the building’s limestone exterior displays too much influence from the Beaux-Arts architecture and Art Deco styles. Famous sculptors Thomas Jones and Carl Jennewein designed the portico, which is one of the attractions of this library.


Brooklyn’s rich history makes it a must-see for anyone looking to learn more about America’s past. Its historical sites and landmarks are some of New York City’s best attractions and activities, making it an ideal borough for visitors from around the world.