standing in spring flowers

Best Things to Do in Spring in Brooklyn

When the winter blues are over, and the weather warms up, it’s time to get out and explore Brooklyn. We’ve got a list of our favorite things to do in springtime to make you feel like you’re in a dreamy Wes Anderson movie—or at least a lovely Instagram post.

We’ve rounded up five things to do in spring in Brooklyn:


Spend an evening on the Brooklyn Bridge

It’s the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful weather, see some of New York City’s most iconic views, and take in some fresh air after those months cooped up indoors.

You can see the Manhattan skyline from a whole new perspective and watch the sunset over the heart of “the Big Apple” from one of the most iconic bridges in New York City.

Grab some snacks at DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) or walk over to Brooklyn Heights for dinner afterward.

Explore some famous Brooklyn attractions here.

Attend Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden does not lack engaging activities and gorgeous natural beauty. But the Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival is undoubtedly the cherry on the top.

People in and outside NYC eagerly wait for this event throughout the year, and it’s free. The festival celebrates spring with Japanese culture on the backdrop of blossoming cherry blossoms. Since it’s Brooklyn, you will also see a fantastic cosplay fashion show. 

Make sure to bring your camera—the cherry blossoms are stunning!

Enjoy a bike tour in Central Park

If you want to see all the highlights of Central Park, this is the way to go. It’s a treat for the eyes to pedal through all the lovely flowers blooming in the spring.

You can also choose guided tours to see the park’s hidden treasures and learn some fun trivia along the way.

Eat delicious food at the Smorgasburg Food Market

The market is a great place to sample different kinds of food from local vendors who offer everything from tacos to cupcakes to artisanal cheese plates and meats. It’s a terrific way to try something new or just snack on something delicious while enjoying a day in the sun.

The central spot of the open-air food markets is in Williamsburg, while other outlets are scattered across NYC. 

Taste wine in the Brooklyn Navy Yards

Looking for a more intimate setting? Head over to the rooftop of the Brooklyn Navy Yards. You can sit in an actual winery and enjoy some great wines while overlooking New York City’s skyline.

A sampling event offers an excellent opportunity to meet other people who love wine as much as you. Spend a lovely evening there and maybe make some new friends while we’re at it.