Visiting Colleges in Brooklyn, NY?

Brooklyn College

Visit Brooklyn College

2900 Bedford Ave Brooklyn, NY 11210
+1 718-951-5000,  Visit the Brooklyn College Website

When you first come to the Brooklyn College campus in the Midwood section, its New York City location seems unreal. The 26-acre (110,000 m2) campus is a place of great beauty. No wonder it is often called, “the poor man’s Harvard.” While this refers to the City University’s low tuition and the college’s reputation for academic excellence, it is also for its classic Georgian-style buildings and verdant paths, truly akin to Harvard, Brown, and other New England campuses. Lilypond, gardens, elm trees—a visit well worth including during a Brooklyn day. The future will bring to the campus a new center for the performing arts.

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Pratt Institute

Visit the Pratt Institute

200 Willoughby Ave Brooklyn, NY 11205
+1 718-636-3600,  Visit the Pratt Institute Website

Brooklyn boasts a palette of higher learning institutes, each with an interesting history and great future. Pratt Institute, located in Clinton Hill, dates to 1887, its present divisions offering the highest standards of learning and research for architecture, interior, and industrial design,  and the fine arts. The Pratt Institute National Historic District comprises 10 buildings built between 1885 and 1936. Several buildings are recognized as being New York City Designated Landmarks. Architectural Digest has named Pratt as one of the top ten most architecturally significant college campuses in the United States.

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