5 Unexpectedly Awesome Coffee Shops In Brooklyn

Brooklyn is full of coffee shops, from big chains to small independent places. If you want to explore these cafes like a local, you are at the right place. Which coffee shops do Brooklynites frequent? What defines these cafes as “awesome”? Here’s a list of 5 unexpectedly awesome Brooklyn coffee shops that will give you a glimpse of local taste and culture.

Sey Coffee

A small shop that specializes in everything espresso, with some tea thrown into the mix. The powerful cold brew will give you a kick for the day while the flat white is for pure indulgence.

Events, such as Public Cupping — where you can sample coffee beans and discuss the flavors with the baristas — happen every month. Talk about what you like best while sipping away at your favorite treat!

The atmosphere is bright and airy inside, but cozy all at once. One downside is they only open every day from 8 am to 5 pm…otherwise, they just might be your new favorite spot for nighttime working sessions.

Cup of Coffee

Partners Coffee

Opened up in 2012, its atmosphere couldn’t be more different than Sey. It’s quiet inside, with large windows letting light into every nook of the gourmet coffee shop. The furniture is comfy and inviting to have pot after pot of its delicious drip coffee or working on your laptop for hours.

The cafe’s cold brew is top-notch without a doubt, and the menu also includes a small selection of delectable doughnuts and sandwiches. Grab a bag of fresh beans on the way home to enjoy the taste and aroma whenever you want.

Sweatshop Coffee

Finding this cool Melbourne cafe scene in the bustling Williamsburg will feel like a treat if you are dying for a flat white. Once inside, expert baristas will take care of your caffeine needs. The shop is second to none in Brooklyn when it comes to maintaining the consistency of espresso and cold brew.

The place feels like an escape from New York City as well as being funky and hipster at the same time. It has plenty of seating options too — both indoors and outdoors — whatever suits your fancy better.

Tous les Jours

With Korean ownership, Tous les Jours serves bakery and caffeinated items prepared in a French-Asian style. It serves some amazing breakfast options — think croissants, macaroons, or even cheesecake if you need something to tame your sweet tooth. The honey lavender macchiato and vanilla latte are to dye for. Plus, a variety of iced coffees will keep you cool throughout the day.


Devoción is a Latin American-style coffee shop with branches in several Brooklyn locations. The beans are sourced from and dry milled in Colombia, and then quickly shipped to the cafe’s roaster in Brooklyn. So, coffees here have their own flavor profile and taste like they were just brewed that morning.

The cafe also offers croissants, bread, and decaf beans. The staff is friendly which makes it an awesome place to chill during your break before heading back into work mode again. An indoor tropical garden in the downtown Brooklyn cafe gives it an edge over other branches.