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5 Breweries for a Brooklyn Adventure: A Guide to the Best Beers

Brooklyn is one of the most culturally and socially diverse places in the United States. It’s also home to some of the best beer in the country. We’re here to show you where (and what) to drink while visiting the county, with a few pointers on its brewing history along the way.

Whether you’re looking for a brewery that specializes in Belgian beers or one that focuses on barrel-aged brews, we’ve got your back with this list of 5 breweries for an adventure through Brooklyn.

Set your base in the Condor Hotel at 56 Franklin Ave if you want to explore the breweries in multiple days. It’s under 15 minutes away from these places, so you can visit them and grab a pint whenever you want.

woman drinking beer

5 Brooklyn Breweries: Take a Sip and Say Cheers

The borough of Brooklyn has long been a hub for incredible beers. From the early days when German immigrants brewed their own to the current craft brewery renaissance, there is no shortage of delicious brews here.

While other parts of NYC may be more famous for their breweries, Brooklyn has some great places to kick back and enjoy a cold one. Here are 5 breweries that will have you saying “cheers” and enjoying every sip!

Brooklyn Brewery

A classic of the borough, this brewery is actually based in Williamsburg but serves beers all over New York City. The signature Brooklyn Lager has won many awards and is an absolute must-try for all beer lovers. Their beers are some of our personal favorites, especially their seasonal brews — they’re always creative and fantastic.

The Brooklyn Brewery has a tasting room with free tours that provide information about the brewery and a sample of their beers.

The award-winning brewery is one of NYC’s most popular tourist destinations, so visit during non-peak hours to avoid the crowds.

Other Half Brewing

A relative newcomer to the New York City craft beer scene, this Gowanus brewery is quickly gaining popularity. With a rotating menu of beers and ambitious collaboration with other local breweries, it’s no wonder why.

Other Half has four year-round beers and several that rotate seasonally — all are excellent with quality ingredients and unique flavors. They also have an extensive IPA collection that is going to hit you a bit harder.

Don’t forget to spend some time in the tasting room. The brewery is always ready to serve you a delightful drink, whether it’s a traditional pilsner or an incredibly fun party-booster IPA.

Grimm Artisanal Ales

The epitome of Brooklyn’s craft beer scene, this brewery only uses local and seasonal ingredients. The brewery specializes in sours and fermentation varieties. It serves traditional styles alongside the more experimental brews like a coffee stout, blueberry weisse, and honey ale.

The brewery has a tasting room where you can taste their beers and purchase bottles. Its label art is absolutely outstanding, created by artists and illustrators Lauren Grimm and Gretta Johnson.

Folksbier Brauerei

Folksbier is a small-scale brewer of authentic artisanal beer. It has done an excellent job blending American brewing selections with a decidedly German bent. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out their tasting room – it’s definitely worth your time!

The brewery offers a variety of different seasonal beers that are worth trying while they’re available. Try their Guava Passionfruit Glow Up or Spectral Hare if they are on tap — these beers are always a delight.

Keg & Lantern (Greenpoint)

The brewery has been around for four years and offers an extensive selection of craft beer. They have both standard brews as well as seasonal options, so there’s something new to try every time.

The brewery prides itself on hosting a fun and welcoming bar. Whether it’s talking about sports with friends or craft-brewing beer, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Beer and sports fans gather together here, especially on weekends, so go early to avoid the crowds. Taste the assortment of beers, from IPAs to lagers to sours, and pair them up with a plate of food served by the bar.